Wildfire Season

During Oregon’s annual fire season, Consumers Power members living in high-risk wildfire areas, may experience more power outages than normal.  While our entire system is at risk of wildfires, the highest risk areas are predominately east of I-5.

Summer’s severe weather and heightened drought conditions mean CPI is proactively exercising an abundance of caution to help ensure members’ and our communities’ safety.

As part of our comprehensive Wildfire Mitigation Plan, CPI has implemented preventive safety measures, including setting automated devices to more sensitive settings on various distribution power lines throughout our service territory.

These devices are active protection equipment that momentarily de-energize power lines when a fault occurs, likely caused by a foreign object contacting a power line.  Once the fault clears, the device automatically reenergizes the line.

With these more sensitive settings in place, the devises will not automatically reenergize the power lines. This may result in more frequent outages. Also, once an outage has occurred in high-risk fire areas, CPI personnel must arrive on site and perform visual inspection of the lines before manually restoring electric power. This may create longer restoration times.

CPI appreciates your patience and understanding as we navigate Oregon’s annual fire season to keep you and the general public safe. For personal preparedness tips, and to learn more about how CPI prepares for wildfires please click here.