Drone Inspection Program

Unmanned Aerial Drones Bring Reliability to New Heights

At CPI, our mission is to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable power. Using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) does more than just inspect our electric systems from the sky, but helps keep our costs low.

Drones are helpful along stretches of power lines, known as feeders, that are remote or difficult to reach by truck.  Their ability to take photographs and identifying potential outage-causing issues in these areas is critical. Once identified, our crews work to maintain or replace the equipment.

Drones have major advantages over traditional pole inspections. The view from above helps spot issues that would be hard to see from the ground. One drone pilot can inspect more poles in less time than a whole crew; a level of efficiency that can result in a large savings.

Proactive maintenance with drones is more efficient than traditional inspections, and fixing issues before they cause an outage means savings on equipment damage and better reliability.