Steps for New Service or Service Revisions

ATTENTION: Expect delays for new service connections. Construction material costs and procurement lead times have risen drastically in the past twelve months. Please be advised this will impact the timing and total cost of your project.

Congratulations! We’re excited to work with you to install new electrical service or to change an existing electrical service at your site. We’ve outlined the steps below to help you understand the process which must occur to safely and efficiently provide electric service. This process generally takes between two and four months to complete, and each step builds upon the next. Sometimes the process takes longer due to special material requirements. Let’s get started, so that we can help make your dream become a reality!

Getting Started

Gather details and visit our website. You will need information for CPI to bill you, the meter base size, voltage needed, type of electrical load, contractor info, site address with parcel number, and a sketch of your job site.

Submit an Application

An application must be submitted via our website for each new meter to be served, or for changes to an existing meter location. The application is available here. A $100 Field Investigation Fee must be paid for the application to be submitted.

Appointment with A Field Engineering Technician

We will assign a Field Engineer to your project after we have received your application. An appointment will be scheduled (typically within two weeks) to meet on-site to review your plans and CPI’s requirements. At the time of the appointment, your building, road, & sewer/septic locations must be identified.

Designing Your Project

The Field Engineer will design your project and, if required, have an invoice issued. The invoice will be sent to you via email or mail, and is valid for 90 days. Costs must be paid in full prior to proceeding and construction must be complete less than 180 days after payment.


If easements are required for your project, CPI will provide those documents to you. You will be responsible to secure all necessary signatures and notarizations. All documents must be returned to CPI for recording in order for your project to proceed.


Special permits, such as road, railroad, and forest service permits will be prepared and submitted by CPI if needed. Your project will not be able to proceed unless all permits have been approved.

Trench Inspecting and Green Tag

Each member is responsible to provide a CPI approved trench, conduit, pull string and meter base at locations determined by CPI. Trench Inspections are typically completed within two working days of being requested, and may be requested by calling (541) 929-3124.


Once CPI has been notified that a meter base is “green tagged”, the work will be released to CPI’s Operations Department for scheduling. Typically, work can be scheduled for completion within two weeks. During heavy construction season, scheduling for completion may be closer to three weeks.