Wildfire Safety

CPI Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Summer’s severe weather and heightened drought conditions mean CPI is proactively exercising an abundance of caution to help ensure members’ and our communities’ safety.

During Oregon’s annual fire season, Consumers Power members living in high-risk wildfire areas, may experience more power outages than normal. While our entire system is at risk of wildfires, the highest risk areas are predominately east of I-5.

Our Operational Wildfire Risk Mitigation Plan focuses on three main components; vegetation management, system coordination and system hardening. The plan uses a systematic approach to implement immediate, short and long term actions and documents these activities for future reference. Click here for a copy of CPI’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

Public Safety Power Shutoff

When conditions warrant, CPI may choose to proactively de-energize power lines during extreme weather events. This is known as a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). For more information please see our Public Safety Power Shutoff page.

Personal Preparation

Below are helpful links and resources to assist in your personal preparedness.

  • Update your contact information with CPI. You can do this either through your SmartHub account or by giving us a call at 800-872-9036.
  • Sign up to receive for emergency alerts from your county’s local emergency management department.
  • Create a defense perimeter around your property by clearing flammable trees and plants away from your house and outbuildings.
  • Establish an emergency plan. Make sure to include for medical needs such as life support equipment. You can invest in a backup generator to help supply these needs in the case of an extended outage.
  • Familiarize yourself with the the three levels of evacuation orders (READY/SET/GO), and develop an plan in the event you need to evacuate.

Additional Preparedness Resources