Commercial Connected Thermostat

Rebate amounts and program requirements are subject to change without notice. All homes or businesses are subject to inspection and usage data analyzed by participating in energy efficiency programs. Any rebates will be applied to past due amounts owed CPI before payment is issued.

Connected thermostats save energy by controlling HVAC usage in single-zone HVAC systems. These thermostats connect to the internet and have features that include online alerts, monitoring and programming and/or control.

Although the thermostat capabilities are an important part of realizing energy savings, correct programming and subsequent verification of these features help ensure persistence of energy savings.

While a connected thermostat product may include additional features as noted above, for the purpose of this measure, connected thermostat products are defined as meeting all of the following specifications:

  • Capable of being connected to the web.
  • Support multiple temperature set-back schedules.
  • Support fan-mode scheduling (continuous-on versus auto mode).
  • Support limited-duration overrides (e.g., reverts to programming after 24 hours).
  • Automatically restore programmed settings after power outage.
  • Support multiple cooling stages.

Requirements and Specifications

  • This measure is available for retrofits only.
  • This measure is not eligible for lodging, 24/7 occupancy, or semi-conditioned spaces.
  • Connected Thermostat projects are not eligible for a CPI ARC incentive.
  • This measure provides for both initial installation and verification of programming for eligible connected thermostats and cannot be used for enabling feature sets on existing thermostats.
  • A building is eligible to receive payments for more than one thermostat.


  • Heating fuel type of system to be controlled by new thermostat may be electric or gas; and
  • The existing thermostat is not web-enabled.


Initial Install Requirements:

  • Project requires CPI pre-approval.
  • The installed thermostat controls an existing HVAC supply fan and serves a single zone. “Invisible zones” are permitted (e.g., separate rooftop units serving different portions of a large retail space).
  • The installed connected thermostat must be listed on the Connected Thermostat Qualified Products List.
    1. The thermostat must be programmed as follows: thermostat is connected to the web.
    2. Temperature setback is used for unoccupied hours (heating and/or cooling, as applicable).
    3. Fan schedule uses auto mode for unoccupied hours (e.g., during unoccupied hours or holidays, the fan will only run when there is a demand for heating or cooling).
    4. Override duration set to three hours or less.
    5. For heat pumps, auxiliary resistance heat lock-out is enabled with appropriate temperature set point.
    6. In cases where two or more systems serve spaces that are not separated by physical barriers (e.g., “invisible zones”), simultaneous heating and cooling is eliminated ( having identical temperature set points and schedules with appropriate dead-bands, or through having network-coordinated controls).
    7. Complete and submit to CPI the Initial Install form along with invoices.

Verification Requirements:

A thermostat is eligible for programming verification payments as follows:

  • Project requires CPI pre-approval.
  • The thermostat received a payment for the initial install and was installed after Oct.1, 2019.
  • The thermostat is eligible for up to four verification payments within two years of the initial install.
  • A verification payment can be claimed in same year as the initial install, provided verification takes place at least three months after the initial install.
  • The thermostat is programmed to meet the initial install programming requirements as described above under Initial Install Post-Conditions.
  • The thermostat is eligible for a verification payment twice within one calendar year. Verification may not be less than three months apart.
  • Verification must occur in different seasons (e.g., one in summer and one in winter, or one in fall and one in spring).Verification may not be less than three months apart.
  • Verification is not required to be conducted at regular intervals. The thermostat is eligible for a verification payment even if there has been a gap in verification activities.
  • There is no restriction on who can complete verification.
  • Complete and submit to CPI the Verification form along with any invoices.

Incentive Amount:

Initial Installation – $150 per connected thermostat

Installation Verification – $50 per connected thermostat