Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

What Is A PSPS?

A Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) is a safety measure initiated by utilities, designed to help protect communities by proactively shutting off electricity during extreme and dangerous weather conditions. When conditions warrant, CPI may choose to implement a PSPS to reduce wildfire risk.

When Might A Public Safety Power Shutoff Occur?

Many factors can influence whether CPI will initiate a PSPS. Red Flag Warnings–high winds, vegetation moisture, relative humidity – public safety concerns, and “boots on the ground” reports.

As a wholesale power customer of the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), CPI and our members may also be subject to a PSPS initiated by BPA with little to no advanced warning.

How Long Will It Last?

Power may remain out for as long as extreme and dangerous weather conditions pose a potential fire risk. Depending on the severity of the weather and other factors, power outages could last several hours or multiple days – so it’s important to have an emergency plan in place.

How Long Before My Power Is Restored?

Even after a PSPS ends CPI crews will need to patrol lines, and assess and repair any damages before power can safely be restored.

Members should prepare to be without power for an extended period of time during a PSPS.

How Will CPI Communicate To Members Before And After A PSPS Event?

Whenever possible, CPI will attempt to notify members up to 48 hours in advance of a potential PSPS event and again approximately 12-24 hours before deenergizing the lines. CPI also intends to provide additional notifications throughout the outage, when power has been shut off and when it has been restored. However, situations may prevent CPI from providing notice as the actual onset of extreme weather conditions and other circumstances beyond CPI’s control may disrupt coordination and notification efforts.

Please note that during a PSPS, telecommunications infrastructure including cell towers may be affected.

CPI’s primary means of communicating PSPS will include: email, CPI website, CPI Outage Tool and Twitter.

For help signing up for a Twitter account, click here.

To ensure CPI has your contact information on file, please contact us at 800-872-9036 or via your SmartHub account.

How to Prepare?

  • Update your contact information with CPI.
  • Have a personal safety plan in place for every member of your household (including pets).
  • Plan for any medical needs like medications that need to be refrigerated or devices that require power.
  • Create or restock your emergency supply kit, including food, water, flashlights, a radio, fresh batteries, first aid supplies, and cash.
  • Identify backup charging methods for phones and medical equipment.
  • Know how to open your garage door manually.
  • Ensure any backup generators are ready to operate safely.
  • Identify the unique needs of your family and loved ones in the area for your emergency plan.
  • Designate an emergency meeting location.

Additional Preparedness Resources