CPI Prepay Program

Our Prepay program allows you to avoid a deposit and late fees by maintaining a credit balance on your account. CPI’s Prepay program helps to manage your electricity budget. This program puts you in control of their energy usage by allowing you to manage your energy based on your budget.

Prepay service is available to residential members as an option subject to the following provisions:

  1. The member’s account must have the correct metering equipment. Three phase and CT metering are not eligible for Prepay electric service.
  2. Existing accounts must be paid in full before changing to a Prepay account, unless a special payment plan is approved by CPI.
  3. A minimum credit balance of $25.00 is necessary to begin Prepay electric service.
  4. The member must be signed up with SmartHub in order for Prepay billing to function.

How the Program Works

Payment Options

You may make payment on your Prepay account in a number of ways. Below are the different options available.

To Obtain Current Account Information or Change Notification Options

What should I do if my power is disconnected?

You will receive a disconnect warning by email and/or text message, per your selection on the Prepay service website, as an alert when your account drops below a $20 credit balance. If your Prepay balance is exhausted before you make a payment, your power is automatically disconnected at the meter.

Once adequate payment is made your power will be automatically restored, typically within 15 minutes.

Payment Methods to Avoid

To ensure prompt posting of a payment please avoid using the mail or our payment drop boxes!

What if my service is not automatically restored?

If you make a payment and your service is not automatically restored within 30 minutes, please call the office and report your outage. CPI will investigate the event and, if necessary, send a technician to restore power.

If the payment was received and the system malfunctioned you will not incur a service charge. If after investigation of the event it is determined that no payment was made or the payment method was declined, service will be disconnected and all applicable service fees will apply.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for PrePay service online, please review our Prepay SERVICE AGREEMENT, fill in the online form completely, and submit. You may also print the SERVICE AGREEMENT, fill it out by hand, and fax or email it to us, or drop it off at one of our office locations.