Santiam Canyon Tree Removal

CPI has strategically worked with federal and private entities to help reduce the hazards caused by dead and dying trees impacted by the wind driven fires that ravaged the area over Labor Day Weekend 2020.  In addition to regular contract crews, several other companies have been hired to help fall fire damaged trees.

Detroit – We have completed tree removal along Hwy 22 and are working with the City, contactors and private landowners on tree removal and line drops.

North Fork Road – This will be an ongoing process and we are hopeful to be completed by spring 2021. Some of the work will require road closures and we will be working with the county to schedule dates and alternative access routes.

Our hazard tree mitigation proceeds much like storm recovery would, primary feeders are worked first and the secondary or individual services are worked last.  Dead trees should be removed before services are reinstalled.  If you, a contractor or logger working for you is cutting trees in proximity to power lines you must notify CPI in advance.  All electrical lines should be considered hazardous and energized.  With advance notice and planning, CPI can assist with your hazard tree falling by removing or de-energizing power lines.