Payment Methods

Electronic Funds Transfer and Credit/Debit Card Payments

Instead of writing checks and worrying about stamps, CPI offers electronic funds transfer. Each month the amount you owe is deducted from your bank account. You’ll still receive a billing statement before the funds are withdrawn from your account. You’ll have plenty of time to check your bill before it’s paid.

You can also choose to pay your monthly bill with a credit or debit card, or use it to purchase any of the products and services we offer.  CPI accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

To set up payment on a credit/debit card or by EFT simply call CPI, set up your card online through CPI’s SmartHub, or stop by the office and use your credit card in person. Whichever you choose it’s easy and just a few more ways CPI has to give our members choice.

Who can use EFT and credit/debit card payments?

All CPI members are eligible to use this program as long as you are a member in good standing.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Save time and money—no checks to write and mail.
  • You don’t have to pay postage.
  • You can set up your account for automatic payment and not worry about payments being late or lost.
  • With automatic payments you bill amount is automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card unless you tell us otherwise.
  • It’s a free service. Nothing is added to your bill.

Enrolling is easy to! Simply give us a call, setup online, or visit our Philomath office.


With CPI’s SmartHub you can view and pay your bills online with your payment method of choice.

Pay By Telephone


  1. You will need to set up a telephone security pin number. You can do this by either calling in or visiting our Philomath office to set this up.
  2. Dial CPI’s phone number, 541-929-3124 or 800-872-9036.
  3. Select option #2 for automated billing services.
  4. Have your CPI account number and pin number available.
  5. The phone system will report your last payment information, account balance and due date.
  6. If you choose, you can make a credit card payment using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Pay by telephone is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Budget Billing

1. Why should I switch to the budget billing plan?

  • No more wondering or guessing what your electric bill will be… no surprises.
  • It’s easier to plan monthly expenses when you know your average budget payment amount.
  • No large fluctuations between winter and summer electric bills.
  • No big “catch-up month” each year.
  • You may switch back to the regular payment plan by calling CPI. Any balance due will be payable at that time; credits will be applied to future electric bills.

2. Who qualifies for Budget Billing?

  • Only CPI residential accounts can be billed on the Budget Billing Plan.
  • An account must have a zero balance before it can be placed on this plan.
  • You must be a CPI member for one year so that a 12 month history can be established on which to base the bill.

3. What if I miss a monthly budget payment?
Budget Billing will work for you only if you pay the BUDGET AMOUNT each month. If you miss a monthly budget payment, your account can be placed back on the regular billing system. Any past due amounts will be due in full, and the account will be subject to normal disconnection procedures if the past due amount is not paid.

4. Can I pay ahead with Budget Billing?
You cannot pay ahead with Budget Billing.  Any additional payments made will not go to next month’s bill, but you can set up automatic payments so you won’t have to worry about making an on time payment.

5. Will my monthly CPI statement look different when I’m on Budget Billing?
Yes, there are a few changes. This example (sample statement shown below) explains the three different amounts that will appear on each budget billing statement. Remember, you pay only the BUDGET AMOUNT DUE when you are on this plan.

TOTAL THIS SERVICE – This amount is for your information only. It is the amount you actually used during the billing period. This is what your bill would be if you were not on the Budget Billing Plan.

BALANCE FORWARD -This indicates any credit you have accrued (if it has a “CR”) or the balance due you have built up, based on your actual usage. This is the amount you would owe if you were not on the Budget Billing Plan.

PAYMENTS- Any payments made since last month’s billing will appear here.

BUDGET AMOUNT – This is the amount due. It is an average of your past twelve months’ electric usage. It will vary a few dollars each month because it is based on current, actual usage. By paying the BUDGET AMOUNT each and every month, the amount you owe and the payments you make will balance out over the twelve month period. With this rolling average system, there’s never a catch up month.


Prepaid service is available to residential members as an option subject to the following provisions:

  1. The member’s account must have the correct metering equipment. Three phase and CT metering are not eligible for prepaid electric service.
  2. Existing accounts must be paid in full before changing to a prepaid account unless a special payment plan is approved by CPI.
  3. A minimum credit balance of $25.00 is necessary to begin prepaid electric service.
  4. The member must be signed up with SmartHub in order to sign up for PrePay.


  • A member desiring prepaid service makes a request of the Cooperative to be enrolled in the PrePay program. Meter deposits on existing accounts will be credited to the prepaid beginning balance.
  • CPI will allow enrollment into the PrePay program if the member meets the eligibility requirements (please see above).
  • A prepaid agreement signed by the member constitutes enrollment in the program. The member will be provided a copy of the signed agreement on request. Enrollment in the program lasts a minimum of 12 months. PREPAID SERVICE AGREEMENT
  • Daily meter readings via CPI’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system will be used to compute the member’s daily balance. Periodically, estimated usage from historical data may be used when a daily reading cannot be obtained.
  • Members under prepaid metering access their account via the CPI’s SmartHub or by calling the toll-free telephone interactive voice response (IVR) to obtain daily balance information.
  • Prepaid accounts receive alerts regarding low balance, pending disconnect, and reconnect of service (after payment). These alerts, payments and daily electric usage will be available via e-mail, and text notification. It is the responsibility of the member to provide an accurate phone number and e-mail address for notifications. PrePay members may change the settings for alerts via the prepaid website at any time.
  • Prepaid accounts will be automatically disconnected when an account has reached a negative balance. Accounts will not be disconnected on a Thursday, Friday, weekends, or CPI holidays. Reconnection will occur automatically once the member’s account balance has been restored to a minimum $25.00 credit balance, including any associated service fees.
  • A member using PrePay may elect to revert to conventional electric service after 12 months. Payment in full of the calculated meter deposit may be required depending on the account credit history.
  • A full settlement of the account shall be made when participation in the prepaid service is ended. Any remaining credit balance will be refunded to the member of record after final reconciliation of the account.


You may make payment on your prepaid account in a number of ways. Below are the different options available.

  • Via our automated phone system (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)Call 800-872-9036 or 541-929-3124 and select Option 2.
  • Via the mobile SmartHub app (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  • Online via the Internet (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) via CPI’s SmartHub.
  • In person or by phone through Consumers Power Inc. (Mon-Thu, 7am to 5:30pm)
    6990 West Hills Road
    Philomath, OR 973701900 Oak Street
    Lebanon, OR 97355


Online: CPI’s SmartHub(login and password required)
By Phone: 1-800-872-9036 or 541-929-3124 (account number or phone number required)


You will receive a disconnect warning by email and/or text message, per your selection on SmartHub, as an alert when your account drops below a $20 credit balance. If your prepaid balance is exhausted before you make a payment, your power is automatically disconnected at the meter.

Once your balance is restored to a $25 balance your power will be automatically restored, typically within 15 minutes.


To ensure prompt posting of a payment please avoid using the mail or our payment drop boxes!


If you make a payment and your service is not automatically restored within 30 minutes, please call the office and report your outage. CPI will investigate the event and, if necessary, send a technician to restore power.

If the payment was received and the system malfunctioned you will not incur a service charge. If after investigation of the event it is determined that no payment was made or the payment method was declined, service will be disconnected and all applicable service fees will apply.


To sign up for PrePay service online, please review our PREPAID SERVICE AGREEMENT, fill in the online form completely, and submit. You may also print the SERVICE AGREEMENT, fill it out by hand,fax, email it to us, or drop it off at one of our office locations.

Additional Payment Locations

Postal Connections (Fred Meyer)

CPI Office

CPI Office

John Boy’s Mercantile