Payment Services

Payment Services

Budget Billing

1. Why should I switch to the budget billing plan?

  • No more wondering or guessing what your electric bill will be… no surprises.
  • It’s easier to plan monthly expenses when you know your average budget payment amount.
  • No large fluctuations between winter and summer electric bills.
  • No big “catch-up month” each year.
  • You may switch back to the regular payment plan by calling CPI. Any balance due will be payable at that time; credits will be applied to future electric bills.

2. Who qualifies for Budget Billing?

  • Only CPI residential accounts can be billed on the Budget Billing Plan.
  • An account must have a zero balance before it can be placed on this plan.
  • You must be a CPI customer for one year so that a 12 month history can be established on which to base the bill.

3. What if I miss a monthly budget payment?
Budget Billing will work for you only if you pay the BUDGET AMOUNT each month. If you miss a monthly budget payment, your account can be placed back on the regular billing system. Any past due amounts will be due in full, and the account will be subject to normal disconnection procedures if the past due amount is not paid.

4. Will my monthly CPI statement look different when I’m on the Budget Billing Plan?
Yes, there are a few changes. This example (sample statement shown below) explains the three different amounts that will appear on each budget billing statement. Remember, you pay only the BUDGET AMOUNT when you are on this plan.

TOTAL METERED CHARGES – This amount is for your information only. It is the amount you actually used during the billing period. This is what your bill would be if you were not on the Budget Billing Plan.

LAST MONTH’S BILL -This indicates any credit you have accrued (if it has a “CR”) or the balance due you have built up, based on your actual usage. This is the amount you would owe if you were not on the Budget Billing Plan.

PAYMENTS POSTED – Any payments made since last month’s billing will appear here.

BUDGET AMOUNT – This is the amount due. It is an average of your past twelve months’ electric usage. It will vary a few dollars each month because it is based on current, actual usage. By paying the BUDGET AMOUNT each and every month, the amount you owe and the payments you make will balance out over the twelve month period. With this rolling average system, there’s never a catch up month.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Instead of writing checks and worrying about stamps, CPI offers electronic funds transfer. Each month the amount you owe is deducted from your bank account. You’ll still receive a billing statement before the funds are withdrawn from your account. You’ll have plenty of time to check your bill before it’s paid.

Who is Eligible?

All CPI members are eligible to use this program. As long as you have a checking or savings account and are a member in good standing you may participate.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Save time and money—no checks to write and mail.
  • You don’t have to pay postage.
  • Don’t worry about payments being late or lost.
  • Your payment is automatically deducted from your bank account unless you tell us otherwise.
  • It’s a free service. Nothing is added to your bill.

Enrolling is easy. To enroll follow these steps:

  • Click here and print out the authorization form.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Enclose a voided deposit slip or voided or cancelled check from the checking or savings account you’ll be using.
  • Return the completed form and voided slip to Consumers Power.

Credit Card Billing

Consumers Power accepts Visa and MasterCard. Choose to pay your bill each month with a credit card, or use it to purchase any of the products and services we offer. To put your monthly electric bill on a credit card simply call CPI and we’ll send you a form to fill out or stop by the office and use your credit card in person. Which ever you choose it’s easy and just one more program CPI has initiated to give our members choice.


Pay your bills online with SmartHub.


Postal Connections (Fred Meyer)

CPI Office

CPI Office

Umpqua Bank

John Boy’s Mercantile


Dial CPI’s phone number
Select option #2 for Automated Billing Services
Have your CPI account number available
The Tele-Pay system will report your last payment information, account balance and due date.
If you choose, you can make a credit card payment using Visa or Mastercard.
Tele-pay is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
CPI’s phone numbers are 541-929-3124 or 800-872-9036.