Renewables Net Metering

What is net metering?

  • Net metering is available to CPI members who own and operate a facility that generates electricity from renewable sources such as hydro, wind, solar or fuel cell.
  • Net metering facilities are intended to offset or meet all of your own electrical requirements.
  • Net metering measures the difference between the electricity you buy from Consumers Power and the electricity you generate using your renewable generating equipment.
  • If the facility generates more electricity than the you use, CPI credits you its avoided cost for wholesale electric power. That means CPI pays you for any wholesale power costs that were not made, or “avoided”, because the net metering facility displaced the need to purchase power.
  • You must submit a net metering preapproval form before installing your system. To view a copy of the net metering contract and rate schedule please click here.

What are the steps to take?

  1. Request a copy of CPI’s preapproval form and net metering and interconnection agreement.
  2. Pick a contractor for the installation.
  3. Submit a copy of CPI’s preapproval form to get acknowledgement to proceed with installation of renewable energy system.
  4. Once your generation equipment is installed send us a copy of the signed interconnection agreement along with a copy of the final county electrical inspection notice.
  5. Once approved CPI will schedule installation of the metering equipment.

General Interconnection Requirements

  • Nameplate generating capacity of not more than twenty-five (25) kilowatts
    located on your premises
  • Facility interconnects and operates in parallel with CPI’s existing transmission and distribution system.
  • You are responsible for the design and installation of the generation system, including engineering, design, permits, installation and wiring. You also are responsible for the costs of meeting CPI’s interconnection requirements as outlined in the net metering agreement.  This includes potential costs of upgrading CPI facilities to accommodate your renewable energy system.
  • All equipment on your side of the delivery point shall be maintained in satisfactory operating condition and shall remain your property and responsibility.
  • You are responsible for having your net metering facility inspected and approved by the county electrical inspector confirming it meets all applicable Oregon codes.
  • Net metering facilities must not adversely affect the safety of CPI’s personnel or the reliability and power quality of the utility system.
  • Net metering facilities must automatically disconnect from the utility system when power to the utility system is lost.
  • CPI requires a readily accessible, lockable manual disconnect switch at the point of delivery for all systems greater than 30 amps.
  • Approval for operation in parallel with the CPI’s system must be obtained prior to the operation of any net metering system.

How to read your Net Meter and Net Meter Bill.