Drone Inspection Program

At CPI, our mission is to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable power. Using drones does more than just inspect our electric systems from the sky, but helps keep our costs low.

The use of drones allows CPI to better inspect hard-to-patrol areas and proactively identify potential equipment issues. This helps to reduce outages and increase reliability and safety, all while saving the cooperative (and its members) money.

The benefits of utilizing drone technology include:

Increased Efficiency: Drones can cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time than traditional inspection methods.

In areas with poor access or rough terrain, a drone can save one hour of hiking by ground-based inspectors for every minute of flight time. This allows for more frequent inspections and can help identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Improved Safety: Inspecting power lines and poles can be dangerous work, with workers often having to climb poles to reach high places.

Ground based inspectors are also exposed to hazards posed by rough terrain and poisonous plants. By using drones, workers can avoid potentially dangerous situations and reduce the risk of injury.

Cost Savings: Traditional inspection methods often expensive, requiring additional equipment and personnel.

By using drones, utilities can reduce costs associated with labor, equipment, and transportation.

Enhanced Data Collection: Drones can capture high-resolution images and video, which can provide detailed information about the condition of power lines and poles.

This data can be used to identify potential issues and help prioritize maintenance and repair efforts.  Drones also have a unique vantage point. By flying above the power poles, drones allow CPI to discover issues that cannot be seen from the ground, such as rot on the top of wooden crossarms.

Drones with Infrared Cameras allow CPI to detect imminent equipment failures before they occur. This amplifies preventative maintenance efforts, which enhances electrical system reliability.

Drones equipped with Lidar (laser imaging, detection, and ranging) sensors allow CPI to know exactly how far away from the power lines vegetation is. This allows CPI to better utilize our tree trimming crews. More effective use of tree trimming crews helps prevent storm damage, reduce wildfire risk, and enhance system reliability.

If we have your contact information on file, you can expect to receive a phone call 48 hours before we will be flying in your area.