Operation Round Up and Consumers Power Charitable Trust Giving

Consumers Power members have the opportunity to participate in an innovative program that truly demonstrates “Community Concern in the Cooperative Spirit”. The program, called Operation Round Up™, provides funding for all kinds of local projects in CPI’s service area which includes Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, and Polk counties. Operation Round Up™ is administered by a board of volunteer community leaders from CPI’s service area who serve on what is known as the Consumers Power Charitable Trust.

How does Operation Round Up™ work? The electric bills of participating CPI members are ‘rounded up’ to the nearest whole dollar amount each month. The extra cents collected from each customer go into the Consumers Power Charitable Trust fund. The average customer will contribute about $6.00 a year. Two other options available for you to contribute to the Round Up program allow you to add your own specified amount to your monthly bill or just make a one-time donation on your next bill.

Contributions to Operation Round Up™ are tax deductible, and we’ll note your contribution on your January electric bill each year. We’ll keep you informed through the Ruralite magazine on the activities of the Consumers Power Charitable Trust, and give updates on grants awarded. All Operation Round Up™ funds stay right here in our community. Guidelines for awarding this money address special needs for individuals or families as well as special community projects. Political campaigns and issues will not be considered for funding..

In 2023, the CPI Charitable Trust awarded $23,672 in grants, thanks to CPI members and employees who give to the trust through our Operation Round Up™ program. Since its launch in 1993, the trust has awarded over $461,000 to nonprofit organizations throughout CPI’s service area.

2023 Recipients:

To participate by rounding up your bill simply call (541) 929-3124 or (800) 872-9036 and ask about Operation Round Up™.