Heat Pump

We currently offer a rebate to members who add a new heat pump to their current heating system.

Why consider a heat pump? The electric heat pump is the most efficient heating system on the market today. Heat pumps offer clean, safe, reliable comfort all year long.

What will a heat pump do for you?

  • Keep you warm during the winter
  • Keep you cool in summer and save you money
  • They are the most efficient heating system on the market today
  • Keep you safe from carbon monoxide, a deadly byproduct of fuel burning
  • Keep your home clean, by reducing the amount of airborne dust and mildew
  • Keep your home dry, by dehumidifying the air inside your home

Minimum insulation requirements for the rebate program:

  • Ceiling insulation R-19 minimum
  • Duct insulation R-3 minimum
  • Floor insulation R-11 minimum

Air Source and Variable Speed Heat Pump Upgrade:
Available for replacing an existing heat pump, adding a heat pump to a system with gas backup, or new construction. The heat pump must have a minimum HSPF of 9, a SEER of 14, and be installed by a PTCS Certified contractor.

Rebate:  $500

Air Source Heat Pump Conversion:
The PTCS air source heat pump conversion measure provides an incentive for replacing an electric forced air furnace with a heat pump. The heat pump must have a minimum HSPF of 9, a SEER of 14, and the work must be completed by a PTCS Certified contractor.

Rebate: $1,400

Commissioning and Controls
This rebate is for heat pumps that do not meet CPI minimum efficiency standards.

Rebate: $300

*While duct sealing is not required for installing a new heat pump, it is strongly recommended. Click here for more information.

The Steps Involved

  • Initial inquiry by customer
  • Schedule in-home energy inspection if weatherization improvement is required.
  • Customer obtains heat pump bid(s) from PTCS certified contractor(s).
  • Customer notifies contractor to proceed with work
  • Installer sends CPI Heat Pump Rebate form, copies of the PTCS verification information, whole house heating/cooling load calculations and balance point sheet*, and invoice to CPI (Heat Pump Dealer Rebate Form).
  • Possible on-site inspection of contractor’s work by CPI

*If no heat/cooling load calculation and balance sheet are available please submit this calculator.

Program subject to change without notice.