Energy Star New Homes

CPI’s Energy Star Homes Incentive Program

CPI’s Energy Star Homes program promotes energy efficiency in new construction of residential housing. Homebuilders that are looking to improve your bottom line, differentiate yourself in the marketplace and respond to increasing consumer demand for energy efficiency can use this incentive program to offer their customers a home with greater value and lower operating costs.

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To be eligible for CPI’s Energy Star Homes program your project must:

  • Use CPI electricity.
  • Be new construction, remodels are not eligible.
  • Home must be pre-approved for incentive prior to start of construction.


Getting Started

To become an ENERGY STAR qualified builder and participate in the ENERGY STAR Homes Northwest program, follow the six steps listed below.

Step 1 – Builder Enrollment: Complete and submit a Builder Partnership Agreement

Signing the agreement:

  • Guarantees free listing as a partner on both the national and regional ENERGY STAR websites.
  • Makes your company eligible to participate in cooperative advertising campaigns.
  • Gives your company access to marketing tools and support.
  • Provides a list of utility partners offering incentives on verification services and HVAC performance testing, training and equipment.

Step 2 – Building Performance Specialist (Verifier) & HVAC Contractor Enlistment

Secure the services of an approved Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes Building Performance Specialist.
The Building Performance Specialist (or BPS, also known as HPS or verifier in some markets) guides you through the ENERGY STAR Home building process. The BPS reviews the building components and compliance requirements and submits all information to the State Certification Organization for ENERGY STAR certification. The BPS charges a fee that includes verification services and ENERGY STAR certification.

Your BPS can help you select an HVAC company with certified PT technicians or coordinate training to have your HVAC company certified.

Step 3 – Construction Process

Build the home to Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes Certification Requirements.

The Northwest Builder Option Package (NW BOP), outlines these requirements. Your Building Performance Specialist, will help you in the planning stages, and provide ongoing information on correct methods of installation and building practices. They will ensure that complete performance testing of the HVAC system takes place, including heating, cooling and duct systems, by a Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes approved technician.

Step 4 – Verification

Arrange site access so the BPS can review the building components and confirm compliance.
At a minimum, the BPS will need to:

  • Visually inspect the home and review any local energy code compliance documentation available
  • Verify relevant component and equipment specifications (windows, HVAC, water heating, etc.)
  • Verify that the HVAC system was installed and performance tested according to ENERGY STAR Homes Northwest standards

Step 5 – Certification

You will receive a Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes certificate within two weeks of final verification.
Certification fees are generally included with any verification fees you may pay.