Ductless Heat Pump


Electric forced air furnaces, baseboard, and wall heaters can be an inefficient and uncomfortable heat source for homes. We’re interested in helping our customers upgrade to a more energy efficient alternative, a ductless heating and cooling system. Eligible homeowners will receive a rebate upon installation of a system by a certified contractor (rebates depend on availability of funding).

Why upgrade to a Ductless Heating and Cooling System?

Save Energy and Money Every Month You could save 25% to 50% on your electric bill, depending on the characteristics of your home.

Experience a More Comfortable Home
An ultra-quiet fan evenly circulates air, eliminating hot and cold spots in rooms.

Low-Cost Easy Installation
Installation is quick, simple and inexpensive, which means little disruption to your home.

Systems Come Standard With Air Conditioning!
Enjoy year-round comfort with your ductless system’s built-in air conditioning.

Rebate amount (for site-built or manufactured homes): $900

Rebate amount (for new construction site-built only): $400

Your unit must be installed by a Northwest Ductless Certified Contractor in order to qualify for the rebate. Ductless heat pump must have a minimum HSPF rating of 9. Eligible homes include only those with permanently installed electric heating except in the case of new construction. New construction site-built homes do not need backup electric heating to qualify.

Ductless Heat Pump Installation Form

Contact CPI at 541-929-8520 to learn more about eligibility and more program details.

To find certified contractors and get more information on ductless heat pumps CLICK HERE.