Agricultural Rebates

Consumers Power is offering incentives on everything from lighting to irrigation.

Irrigation Hardware Upgrades

Replacement or installation with high-efficiency equipment:

    • Nozzles, new sprinklers, gaskets, regulators, drop tubes, and multi-trajectory sprays.
    • Repair of leaking hand lines, wheel lines, and portable main lines.

Irrigation Pumping Improvements

  • Variable Frequency Drive: VFDs save energy and increase the performance and life span of motors and pumps. VFDs are like dimmers, providing soft starts and slow ramp-up speeds that extend the life of a motor.
  • Custom project pump modifications: New or rebuilt pumps can improve efficiency and lower pumping energy costs.

For limited incentive amounts and information, please see the following:

Ag Incentive Forms

There are also other funding opportunities available from the Oregon Department of Energy. They currently have a robust instant tax credit availability for small projects under $20,000 and a competitive project selection for projects above $20,000. Please click here for more details.

If you have any further questions please contact:

Energy Services
(541) 929-8520 or
(800) 872-9036