Solar Water Heating


CPI members who want to harness the sun to heat their water are now eligible for a solar water heating rebate from CPI. The rebate is $500 for systems with a collection area greater than 31 sq. ft. Systems used for hot tubs or swimming pools are not eligible.

Customers receiving the rebate must install their solar water system to meet the requirements of the Oregon tax credits. Click here for information on Oregon’s Residential Tax Credit Programs.

“We know some of our customers are interested in solar water heating,” says James Ramseyer, CPI’s manager of energy services. “By following the Oregon tax credit it will be easy for them to know what steps they need to take and easy for CPI to certify the installation.”

CPI has developed an incentive program for those wishing to harness power from the sun. The system must be installed or verified by a STATE OF OREGON CERTIFIED CONTRACTOR and qualify for the OREGON STATE TAX CREDIT. Rebates depend on funding availability. Solar installations must be pre-approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please click here to download the solar rebate reservation application form, or fill out the online form below.