0% Loans

Terms: $50.00 minimum loan amount $1,000.00 maximum loan amount 6 monthly payments
Example: $1,000.00 loan $166.66 billed each month for 5 months $166.70 billed for the 6th month
Qualifications: 1) You must be a CPI member for at least 12 months. 2) You must not have received any late notices for the last 12 months. 3) You must not have any outstanding 0% interest CPI loans. 4) Only electrical items can be financed under this program.
How it works: Go to a participating dealer and make your purchase. The dealer completes the loan form for your signature and calls CPI for instant approval. CPI pays the dealer. Each month’s installment is calculated and added to your electric bill.
Additional information: We have arrangements with some local appliance dealers to finance your purchase at the time you make your purchase. If you make your purchase from a non-participating dealer, you can still take advantage of this program:

  1. Contact CPI for instant credit approval
  2. Pay for the item or charge it on a credit card
  3. Bring your invoice or charge slip to CPI
  4. On approval, CPI issues a check to you and adds the payment to your electric bill over the next six months

Some of the qualifying electrical items are:

Zonal heat (baseboard or fan forced) Dehumidifiers
Air conditioners (central or window units) Electronic air filters
Electric water heaters Dishwashers
Electric ranges Microwave ovens
Clothes washers Clothes dryers
Electric lawn mowers Electric barbecue grills
Refrigerators/Freezers Televisions
Cell phones/Tablets Computers
Irrigation pump motors DBS Satellite systems (18″ dish)
Electric forced air furnaces Domestic water pumps
Portable electric heaters Heat Pumps
Video Game Systems Much More!